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Delivery requirements and reimbursement

Sellers must hold certain delivery standards when they sell on SeBuys.

Delivery must be within 3-5 working days. Exceptions can be given for certain products (e.g furniture) and external factors (e.g weather not permitting delivery). You must contact us before adding products that may take more than 3-5 working days to deliver.

Getting paid for delivery

Free Delivery is offered to our customers as standard for ALL products on our site. You must consider the costs of delivering the item when adding it to your store. If the customer selects free delivery when ordering the product, you won’t be reimbursed for the delivery costs.

If customer selects… Amount you will receive as a seller
Free Delivery (within 3-5 working days) £0.00
48 Hour Delivery £3.99
24 Hour Delivery £4.99


When you receive a new order from a customer, you will receive a notification email.
In this email, you will find the delivery method desired by the customer.

In the example below, the customer has requested “48 hour” delivery and so you must deliver this item using a 48 hour delivery method. You will be reimbursed for this amount.

Example of how our fees work

Seller B lists headphones on SeBuys for a price of £10.

A customer purchases the headphones and selects the “48 hour delivery” option at checkout.

Seller B fees are:

  • £0.85 (8.5% of 10) = Selling fees (which includes payment processing fees).

Total fees = £0.85
Delivery reimbursement received = £3.99
Total revenue = £13.14