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Issuing Refunds as a Seller

If your buyer requests a return/refund, you will receive an email notifying you on this.

Follow the quick and easy steps below to review and issue a refund/return.

1) To view all buyer refund/return requests, click on the “Return Request” tab in the seller dashboard. From the list of requests, select the return request you want to view. refund-request-1-1

2) From this page you can view customer’s issues, message the customer and update the status of the refund.refund-request-1-2

3) After deciding to offer a refund, switch to the the orders tab and click on the “view” button next to the order you want to refund. refund-request-1-3

4) Click on the “request refund” button to start the refund process. refund-request-1-4

5) Firstly, edit the quantity of the product you want to refund (e.g input “1” if the customer requires a refund for only 1 product in the order) and the refund amount section would populate automatically. Once you are happy with the amount you want to refund, click the “Submit Refund Request” button to issue the refund.

Please then return to step 2 above and change the status to “refunded”.